Available courses

This is for the test series students. Those who have purchased the test series only. You will be able to see the test series for which you have enrolled. 

The Course is designed for BARC-2023 Aspirants. The course helps students to prepare systematically for BARC exam. The Course is designed with perfect assignments, short notes, test series, doubt classes and guidance manuals. Join the course today. 

Hi Aspirants! This course is open for everyone who is preparing for the JEST exam.  Make a valid account on this portal to be a part of this course. All the announcements and study material will be available in this course page. The course is both for Int. Phd and Phd candidates.  

You can enroll in this course for free and take a demo of online tests which will be provided to you in the courses. There are some tests made available for you. Tests will give you exam like environment. 

This course is for students preparing for central universities exams. This contains all the tests. Only those students can login who have purchased the course. 

The course is designed for MSc students. The course helps in preparing for exams like Gate Physics, CSIR Net Physics, Jest Physics, BARC and TIFR. 

This course is for registered students who purchased the course for JAM and JEST 2023. The course has all the tests and their solutions. Only registered students can login in this course.